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Life is hard sometimes.

Experience tells me that if you’ve made your way here, it’s because you’re seeking peace, grace, hope, wisdom, and/or encouragement.

You’re in the right place.

If you were to walk into my actual, physical home right now, you’d probably find me in a pair of leggings and a flannel, with my hair in a messy bun.  There’d be coffee in the coffee pot–it might be cold, but we could warm it up, and I’d offer you a cup.  Or some tea.  Or hot chocolate.  If those aren’t strong enough, I could pour you a glass of wine because, hey, I ain’t judging!  We’d pull out all the snacks and cookies from my pantry, rob the candy drawer, and sit down in the living room in front of the fire so we could talk like old friends.  I would listen when you needed, share my own roller coaster of experiences if you wanted, and ultimately probably end up in tears of laughter and of grief.

This might not be my actual home, but, in a way, it is a home.  My hope is that while you’re here, I can treat you just like I would if you walked in my front door.  Please, make yourself at home; take all the time you need to breathe, cry, and laugh. 

 Most importantly, though, I hope you find space here where you can be yourself, where you see the authenticity in my stories and feel compelled to share authenticity in your own stories.  

I hope you recognize the need for grace and offer yourself grace today.

Then, I pray after you rest in God’s grace for you and your grace for yourself, you begin to hold on to the hope that is tomorrow. 

Until Next Time,



  • Healthy Relationships: Boundaries in Friendships

    Healthy Relationships: Boundaries in Friendships

    When I left for college at the ripe old age of 18, I remember being equally excited, hopeful, and anxious. Up until that point, my school experiences had been those of a small rural school district. Everyone knew everyone, and the odds were likely that you were related, even if distantly, to at least half…

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  • Healthy Relationships: Partner Boundaries

    Healthy Relationships: Partner Boundaries

    When I first started dating my forever husband Russ, God and I had spent a whole lot of time together discussing what I needed and desired in a husband. I was armed with God’s direction and a fierce spirit committed to never experiencing a toxic, dysfunctional romantic relationship again. Thankfully, Russ met me on equal…

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  • Healthy Boundaries: Peace vs. Keeping the Peace

    Healthy Boundaries: Peace vs. Keeping the Peace

    I remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing in front of the washer in the laundry room. “This is my life. Nothing is ever going to change.” It was a daunting thought. Depressing. Hopeless. I had just attempted to have yet another conversation with husband #1 regarding my needs and our relationship.

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  • Healthy Relationships: Boundaries in the Bible

    Healthy Relationships: Boundaries in the Bible

    If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know that I grew up in a very legalistic evangelical verging on fundamental church, I married (the first time) very young. Through the process of leaving the evangelical church, deconstructing my beliefs, reconstructing my beliefs, and the chaos that is life, I’ve realized that Jesus…

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  • Healthy Relationships: Neither Selfish Nor Selfless

    Healthy Relationships: Neither Selfish Nor Selfless

    I married young in the late 90s. It was an interesting time in the evangelical church and its colleges– Any 80s and 90s kids out there who can relate? I entered my first marriage, naive, idealistic, and with the belief that marrying a Christian was the ticket I needed to cash in to “live happily……

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  • Healthy Relationships: Needs

    Healthy Relationships: Needs

    You can love Jesus and rest–He did. You can love Jesus and set boundaries–He did. You can love Jesus and say No–He did. You can love Jesus and advocate for your own needs–He did.

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