I’m glad you’re here…

Life is hard sometimes.

Experience tells me that if you’ve made your way here, it’s because you’re seeking peace, grace, hope, wisdom, and/or encouragement.

You’re in the right place.

If you were to walk into my actual, physical home right now, you’d probably find me in a pair of leggings and a flannel, with my hair in a messy bun.  There’d be coffee in the coffee pot–it might be cold, but we could warm it up, and I’d offer you a cup.  Or some tea.  Or hot chocolate.  If those aren’t strong enough, I could pour you a glass of wine because, hey, I ain’t judging!  We’d pull out all the snacks and cookies from my pantry, rob the candy drawer, and sit down in the living room in front of the fire so we could talk like old friends.  I would listen when you needed, share my own roller coaster of experiences if you wanted, and ultimately probably end up in tears of laughter and of grief.

This might not be my actual home, but, in a way, it is a home.  My hope is that while you’re here, I can treat you just like I would if you walked in my front door.  Please, make yourself at home; take all the time you need to breathe, cry, and laugh. 

 Most importantly, though, I hope you find space here where you can be yourself, where you see the authenticity in my stories and feel compelled to share authenticity in your own stories.  

I hope you recognize the need for grace and offer yourself grace today.

Then, I pray after you rest in God’s grace for you and your grace for yourself, you begin to hold on to the hope that is tomorrow. 

Until Next Time,



  • Love Better: God

    Love Better: God

    I was young, 7 or 8, and it was spring in the Midwest, which meant thunderstorms. They started out as just your normal, garden variety thunderstorms, but soon they produced into the torrential downpour, thunder rolling, bright lightning strikes lighting up the whole room, “should we go to the basement” grade thunderstorms. My bedroom was on the west side of the house, and that meant I got the worst of the storms–all the wind and rain would attack my windows, making me feel like I just might be the next Dorothy, and I didn’t have a Toto. I was convinced Jesus was coming back. And, I can tell you that my feelings weren’t feelings of joy that I was going to get to spend eternity with my savior. No, my feelings were of abject fear of hell because of the theology that had brainwashed me, even at such a young age. Instead of the sheer joy I should have been feeling at the prospect of spending eternity in heaven, these were my thoughts: Have I asked God to forgive all my sins? What if I forgot a sin? Am I past the age of accountability? I’m obviously past the age of accountability because I’m questioning if I’m past the age of accountability. I didn’t get baptized yet. I’m going to hell.

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  • Focus: Finding your God-Given Passion

    Focus: Finding your God-Given Passion

    If I had to make an educated guess, I would assume there are some of you reading this and thinking you don’t have a passion. I’ve heard that from so many people. The thing is, God created each of us as unique individuals with unique interests and passions. Sometimes, it just takes a little understanding to see what that passion is or to acknowledge it and put voice to it. Why? Because Satan is a jerk. He’s the father of lies. His entire purpose on this earth is to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Consequently, his goal is to convince you that God hasn’t given you a passion, that he can’t/won’t use you, and that you are unqualified and unworthy. Does that hit home with anyone?

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  • Focus your Energy: Aligning Energy and Priorities

    Focus your Energy: Aligning Energy and Priorities

    One thing I’ve realized over the last few years is that I have a finite amount of energy every day. Don’t get me wrong, some days I have more energy than others, and some days I can get an artificial boost from a cup of coffee or a super-healthy energy drink, but for the most part, the amount of energy I have to expend every day stays pretty similar. Knowing that I only have a finite amount of energy for each day, I started thinking about what I was spending that energy on.

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  • Focus Your Finances: Finding Financial Freedom

    Focus Your Finances: Finding Financial Freedom

    When we got divorced, I had to run my credit report to even get an idea of what my situation was because I had no access to any of our accounts. I was an authorized user on 23 credit cards. 3 credit cards were in my name only. There were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on those credit cards alone. Thankfully, by the grace and guidance of God, I can tell you I made it out of that mess, canceled the credit cards, somehow managed to get out from under that debt, and rebuilt my credit. But, it wasn’t easy. It took me several years, budget spreadsheets, payment plans, maintaining a ridiculously strict budget, and intense frugality. Because I never want you to go through the financial nightmare I went through, let me offer you some suggestions on how to focus your finances.

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  • Focus Your Thoughts

    Focus Your Thoughts

    This is the time of year when people spend time and money attempting to shift focus to new goals and new priorities.  Don’t get me wrong here–there is absolutely nothing wrong with investing in yourself and making positive changes in your life.  Those should always be somewhere close to the top of our priority lists.  This isn’t about simple self-reflection and goal setting. This is about the kind of self-reflection and goal-setting that results in our thoughts running roughshod through our brains and causing us to become dangerously critical and even obsessive and compulsive.

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  • Holiday Boundaries: Balance

    Holiday Boundaries: Balance

    As the Holiday Season is coming to an end and the New Year has our attention and focus, let me encourage you to seek balance in your own life. You might not be a ridiculously driven Type A personality like me, but whatever your personality is, I hope you take the time to sit down, reflect on the year behind you, and think about how to achieve balance in your world this year.

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