Holiday Boundaries: Eliminating Chaos

We were watching Christmas Vacation and decorating the tree, and I had forgotten the chaos in that house during the few days we see of their Christmas Season. While I was laughing on the outside, part of me was cringing a little on the inside. So much of this season can be complete and utter chaos. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never fried a cat on Christmas lights, tried to cut down a pine tree and sent it through the neighbors’ window, had Cousin Eddie kidnap my boss, or even eaten cat food in my jello. Thankfully. But, I’m not a stranger to the chaos that comes with the Christmas Season. I’m guilty of overscheduling. I’m guilty of opening my house to everyone and their brother. I’m guilty of volunteering and overcommitting to way too much. I’m definitely guilty of trying to meet everyone’s needs and make everyone happy.

How to Survive Divorce and Still Love Jesus: Making the Best of the Holiday Season

Getting caught up in the negative by anything that divorce touches is so easy. Remembering that God’s mercy is new every single morning is a little tougher, but it’s much more meaningful. His grace and blessings are a constant for us. When we think about these times as opportunities to make new memories and have new experiences, it really allows us to soak up God’s mercy and blessings in a new way.

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